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Hello World Kids

Hello World Kids Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed to teach native coding in a very simplified & interactive way. The curriculum gets adopted by schools – both, public & private schools.

TechBites Workshops

Learning chunks are short courses and workshops that address a certain topic or a skill, given by Hello World Kids team. Through our chunks, the kid will stay up to date with the trendy demands of the digit world, in addition to learning the entrepreneurship skills to level up their personalities.

Little Programmer

We Believe In

Leading through innovation

We have a whole world of possibilities, so why settle for the ordinary? Challenging the convention always puts us in the lead.

Being passionate and determined

Passion is the hidden engine that gets us going! But what’s passion without determination? This belief gets us up every morning – with a smile.

Pursuing growth and learning

Along with our kids, we never stop learning. Each day is a new opportunity to learn something new. And we’ll tell you a secret, sometimes the kids are our best teachers!

Empowering kids

We give voice to kids by providing them with the kind of tools that allow them to express what’s on their minds & translate ideas into living reality.

Explore our Courses

Juniors Level

This is the kick off level designed for kids of age 6+ years to teach them the very basic skills needed to work on a computer, starting with explaining the main parts of a computer, then moving on to working with the basic software such as Ms-Word, Ms-Paint, and then finally, how to surf the internet.

In this level, we teach kids how to think like a programmer through being exposed to different programmatic problems solve

Level 1 – Fundamentals of Programming

In this level the student is taught how the computer operates and how it receives the commands to perform a specific task. Additionally, the student learns the skills of analytical thinking and problem solving.

The student will be able to identify the capabilities of Microsoft SmallBasic programming language, apply the skills of logical thinking to understand the order of the commands, the dimensions of the workspace and how to add shapes in specific coordinates. The student also applies the skills of creative design to color the interface and animate the added objects.

At the end of the level, the student will be able to design a complete functional scene using native coding, and to write the program to run the scene. No knowledge of programming is assumed.

Hear it from Them!

Hiba Zarari
IGCSE Coordinator Arab Model Schools

“turtle.move(100), turtle.turnleft( ) …. etc became the everyday language of AMS students. Our students replaced their common language with Small Basic language. Programming classes have enlightened the students’ tunnel of logical thinking and computer skills. Thank you Hello World Kids!”

Rania Hammoudeh
Bishop School for Boys

“We decided to go with Hello World Kids program to teach our kids coding as we felt it’s designed to make learning coding fun and easy. The curricula is very engaging and it’s differentiated to cater for different students’ levels and abilities. Our boys are proudly speaking Small Basic and they cannot wait to create their masterpieces. “

Dr. Salah Dardas
General Director of Al Hofaz Academy

“We, Al Hofaz Academy, thank and appreciate Hello World Kids company, represented by Mrs. Hanan Khader, on the programming curriculum as it creates the spirit of challenge, creativity, and determination among our students.

Zeina Hammad
10 Years

We learn coding using Small Basic, how to get the pictures from the internet & use them. I wanted to become a doctor when I grow up but now I’ve changed my mind, I want to be a programmer. It inspired me to look after the small details.

Ibrahim Abu Sha’ban
9 Years

I wanted to learn programming because I love computer games, now I know how to design some. I think the future of coding will highly affects computer games.