Our Mission

“Hello World Kids” Organization is the first of its kind that specializes in teaching Computer & Mobile programming for kids in the age group from 8 – 12 years old. Due to the rapid development our world witnesses every day, a huge demand emerged to keep up with it BUT not only as users. We believe that children are great potential that needs to be invested. They have the ability and creativity to be CREATORS, to be PROGRAMMERS. We are determined to instill ambition in these young kids, unleash their potential and widen their horizon. We believe that kids are promising seeds. You only need to know how to nourish these seeds in the perfect fertile soil to defiantly grow to be a fruitful garden. They are blank books that you need to know what the right words are to fill in it. They would make manuals for great entrepreneurs whom, with no doubt, will make a difference all around the world.
The curriculum of “HelloWorldKids” consists of 4 levels, starting from being beginners until they become capable of programming using different programming languages and on different platforms. The curriculum covers teaching kids how to do computer programming, web development, mobile apps programming in addition to access to entrepreneurship. All of these go through a super interactive style full of fun and motivation.

Contact Us

  • HelloWorldKids.org
  • King Hussein Business Park - Grow Building 23 - 3rd Floor - Office 3A11
  • 00962 7 999 51 632
  • info@helloworldkids.org

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