Our Story

A passion translated by determination into a living reality.

It all started with the passion of girl in her 11s, the love of coding that made it possible to innovate and transform her thoughts into functioning projects, exploring hidden talents herself didn’t knew she possessed.

Having lived this experience, Hanan Khader, the founder & CEO of Hello World Kids, grew up believing in the capabilities of our little ones and the amazing work they can accomplish if only they were given the right tools.

In 2015, she decided to help in providing such tools, she decided to teach kids programming! Writing code isn’t just about writing a language that the computer understands; Coding is a mental process that involves analytical thinking, problem solving, creativity, it teaches patience, determination, commitment and communication. The kind of skills that builds up a successful life.

And so it was. Hello World Kids was established as the first educational organization specialized in teaching Computer & Mobile Programming for kids from ages 6 to 12.

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About the Founder

Hanan Khader is a Jordanian serial entrepreneur, selected in 2013 by the U.S. Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs as a Leader in Technology at TechWomen organization, to represent Jordan in Silicon Valley.

She is the founder and curriculum author of the program “Hello World Kids”, which aims to inspire and teach kids how to program computer and mobile applications at their young age.

In 2017, she was able to enroll her curricula on how to code for 35,000 Jordanian kids in public schools, through integrating Hello  World Kids with the main academic streams.

Additionally, Hanan is very active and enthusiastic about motivating women and girls in her country to stand for a new mission in their lives, and to contribute in creating a brighter future for themselves and for society.