Our Contribution in the Community / Initiatives

“Programming is everyone’s right” has always been our moto! To put this moto into action, Hello World Kids never miss a chance in being an active contributor in the world.

Kids Programming Mondial

Hello World Kids kicked off the Kids Programming Mondial in 2016 to break down all the boundaries that could limit any kid from learning the language of the age.

After the teams are formed, a sponsored training course is conducted on Hello World Kids curriculum. By the end of the course, each team shall submit their project and the winner is then announced.

The mondial is a result of leveraging the powers of all the organizations that believes in empowering and improving the educational system, not only in Jordan, but across the region.

The National Little Programmer Contest

To level things up & keep the wheel of learning going, the National Little Programmer contest follows the mondial. This contest is the first of its kind in MENA.

The contest includes students from other schools that adopted the Hello World Kids curriculum, in addition to the outstanding kids who participated in the mondial.

The content of the contest is characterized by being purely programmatic content, in the sense that the competition is to solve the challenges programmatically quickly and error-free. And the distinction between competitors through only the written code to solve the challenges of the competition.

Teaching Deaf & Mute kids

In 2015, Hello World Kids contributed in an inspiring initiative to enable deaf & mute kids by teaching them programming under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal. The agreement took place in the open day held in Al-Raja’a school and was signed by the CEO & Founder of Hello World Kids Mrs. Hanan Khader and the executive manager of the fund Mrs. Farah Daghestani.