HelloWorldKids is a series of schools’ books teaching the programming science in a simplified and joyful way for kids. 

HelloWorldKids curriculum builds the correct understanding of this fast-evolving science. This is done by providing the content in a structured roadmap of knowledge, skills and attitude. The curriculum has been developed in a clear and easy way for kids to absorb the concept and then to qualify them to do the practical excercies required to guarantee strong programming capabilities when they grow up. They get introduced to Desktop Programming, Games Programming, Web Programming, Mobile Computing, through learning different programming languages. 

The HelloWorldKids curriculum starts with the 3rd graders at schools. The 3rd graders take 30 lessons designed to be distributed over a whole academic year.



Level 1 smoothly starts with the 8-year old kids by introducing what a Programmer is, and how to think as a Programmer. The kid gets introduced to how to order the computer, by learning the first programming language we use in our curriculum which is Microsoft SmallBasic. After completion of Level 1, the kid becomes capable of creating simple programs of drawings, colorings, movements, animations, scenes and much more. 


At Level 2, kids start learning more advanced concepts in programming science, such as how to think loops, how to understand variables, how to work with events, and how to come up withconditional scenarios, and much more.

At the end of Level 2, the 9-year old kids are capable of building complete programs and games using SmallBasic Language. We didn’t forget including how to raise them up to become neat while they write code, by following the standards and conventions of pretty code practices.


The curriculum development team consists of professional programmers, language auditors, designers and educational consultants. Our team is currently working on publishing Level 3 (Web Development) for the 10-year old kids. Stay tuned.

If you are a school and you wish to implement HelloWorldKids curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +962 79 0104545 or email us at info@helloworldkids.org