Teaching Programming in Public schools

HelloWorldKids recently signed an agreement with Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) and ProgressSoft, which aims to implement teaching children in four different public schools programming. This initiative aims to help children learn how to program in order to develop the concept of technology and entrepreneurship starting from a very young age.


The Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) has emerged as the first model that manifests the true partnership between the public and private sectors on a local and global scale. JEI was launched under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II with the aim of supporting Jordan’s efforts in improving the level of education, encouraging creativity, developing capabilities, and building a knowledge economy. The initiative envisions accelerated education reform through innovation and ICT integration to further add value to students, teachers and the educational system. Furthermore, JEI effectively and equitably addresses the key needs of the Jordanian community and helps them respond to new challenges and opportunities created by an increasingly global economy.


Jordan Education Initiative (JEI), is currently one of Her Majesty’s Queen Rania Al Abdullah not-for-profit organizations, was created as a pioneer model for developing education, based on fostering ingenuity, utilizing the power of technology and coupling it with proven modern teaching strategies; in order to transform the school environment into a cradle of discovery and creativity, allowing Jordanian students to imagine and realize a reality they can grow up into.




As of its inception in 1989, ProgressSoft has been furnishing the financial world with a range of solutions that bring forth a new paradigm of operational excellence across numerous business environments. They have started with a focus on imaging technology to digitize traditional, paper-based processes. Riding the global wave of real-time payments, ProgressSoft has grown a solid experience in implementing contemporary payment solutions across various payment channels, instruments and cycles. As part of their CSR they teamed up with HelloWorldKids & JEI to teach programming in public schools around Jordan.