Our Vision:

To inspire and develop kid’s skills through learning programming; which will result in more ideas, startups, entrepreneurs, employment opportunities and more investments, to increase the number of future innovators. 

What is HelloWorldKids?

“HelloWorldKids” is a school curriculum developed to teach native programming for kids at the young age of 8 as a main stream class.

The curriculum simplifies programming science basic concepts, and combines it with logic, analytical thinking and entrepreneurship skills. 

Why are we doing this?

We also provide teachers’ with a qualifying training, that enables them to teach kids programming, and to be able to assess and measure their performance. 

There is an obvious gap. The real programmers don’t come to teach kids because they are busy at their work and companies. While most of schools’ teachers become disconnected from programming  evolvement due to the lack of practical experience.

Schools, even those who like the idea of teaching programming, they don’t know how to do that.

With HelloWorldKids, the problem is solved by providing schools with curriculum, teachers’ training, teachers’ guide, and measurement guide.