Youssif Deaf & Mute Learns Programming

Deaf and Mute 10-year old child Youssif, writes his first program (a program that draws a ladder) while he has never used a computer before.
Do you know why I am posting this video? Because Youssif will be a big story tomorrow when he grows up. He doesn’t even blink at class, he listens while he is deaf. He speaks with his eyes and hands while he is mute. 
He said to me: “I Lovvvvve this thing you are telling us about (he meant programming).”
I believe in Youssif… Yousif will not fail his future … Youssif will care about the Globe… Youssif will solve problems for the Whole World … Youssif will make our lives better…
I am amazed … I am speechless… 


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