Al-Ridwan School starts Hello World Kids curriculum

Al-Ridwan School starts Hello World Kids program for the fifth grade. The decision was derived from their deep believe in the importance of teaching programming to their students in early stages.
In Hello World Kids program students will learn how to think systematically like programmers, analyze scenarios, break down problems, and come up with a programmatic solutions.
The school has a distinguished vision which links the renovation in societies to the change of education. The harmonious decision of starting HelloWorldKids program came in parallel with the school’s vision, as they believed it is the mean to create tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Hello World Kids was established in 2015 as the first organization in Jordan & the region specialized in teaching programming, artificial intelligence and problem solving for kids in the age group from 6 – 12 years.

We aim to increase the number of future innovators through teaching programming for kids in the elementary stage. This will significantly impact the future of digital economy by leveling up the number of business ideas, startups, entrepreneurs, employment opportunities and accordingly; transforming the region from being technology consumers into technology producers.

Our print and online curriculum is developed to teach native coding in a very simplified way. The curriculum got adopted by schools – both, public & private – in addition to in-house training.