Empowering Kids with Special Needs in Zero Point Project

Empowering Kids with Special Needs in Zero Point Project

Providing code education to students with special needs isn’t only critical for their success as effective contributors in the future, but also for providing these students with a fulfilling and enjoyable educational experience.

Hello World Kids team partnered with Kings Academy and participated in the Zero Point project that took place in Austria – Vienna on Feb 22 2018.

Through the event that lasted for three days, our team contributed in raising the awareness on the importance of empowering kids with special needs, and how coding could be the number one option to accomplish this.

Hello World Kids was established in 2015 as the first organization in Jordan & the region specialized in teaching programming, artificial intelligence and problem solving for kids in the age group from 6 – 12 years.

We aim to increase the number of future innovators through teaching programming for kids in the elementary stage. This will significantly impact the future of digital economy by leveling up the number of business ideas, startups, entrepreneurs, employment opportunities and accordingly; transforming the region from being technology consumers into technology producers.

Our print and online curriculum is developed to teach native coding in a very simplified way. The curriculum got adopted by schools – both, public & private – in addition to in-house training.