HelloCode Distance Learning in the Age of COVID-19

HelloCode Distance Learning in the Age of COVID-19



The Coronavirus Exposes online education to the globe where Hello World Kids is offering a large-scale interactive participation and open access through its HelloCode an online learning kids’ coding platform using an interactive storytelling approach.

HelloCode takes coding to the next level with providing an interactive learning experience for children to self-learn coding, practice problem solving, and collaborate with each other, share and publish their created/developed projects and innovations with their communities.

For that matter, the company has created SmoothY®, a new flexible and adaptable programming language built using JavaScript, simplified syntax in a way allowing kids to build applications.

In response to Coronavirus Hello World Kids is offering free lessons on HelloCode to start exploring the coding world to minimize the impact of the outbreak. The quality of and equality in education Technology is a crucial angle to take into attention as the world is in need of prioritizing the accessibility of communication and education. HelloCode comes in to find a solution for your child to adapt in the current situations and built projects that can benefit the community and future.

 As a conclusion, it is our goal to develop strategic thinking to achieve constant innovation and become more resilient with HelloCode. As much as we prepare for the worst, Hello World Kids will try its best to turn a crisis into an opportunity too.

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