Hello World Kids official accreditation by IFGICT

We are proud to announce our official accreditation by the IFGICT Federation, Listing the company as one of IFGICT Verified Training Partners. Hello World Kids’ efforts in conducting training sessions within the ICT sector are now officially certified by IFGICT.

IFGICT is an independent organization created to take the lead and set industry standards for the talent development profession in ICT and business technology. IFGICT is an international supplier of the highest quality certification and examination services in a variety of global standards and best practice frameworks in the business technology and Information Technology domains.

Hello World Kids develops unique and fun coding education for kids, whether at home or school. Kids learn text-based coding using HelloCode, an online multilingual and interactive platform that aims to prepare new generations for the future with crucial skills like problem-solving, analytical thinking, and data analysis. The company also prepares and conducts training sessions for school teachers in the science of coding; The outcome of these sessions is shaping new programming teachers with the needed experience and knowledge to teach kids programming.

Joining the IFGICT Federation means joining the international community that influences standards of accomplishment across the IT industry, developing the sector, and playing a part in delivering a bright and trustworthy digital future.

One of IFGICT’s functions is to oversee professional certification examinations and confers credentials based on their evaluation proficiency model. This function marks Hello World Kids’ IFGICT certification as the first step towards building the HelloCode international certification program, which aims to enrich the educational experience on HelloCode for kids. HelloCode international certification program will launch in 2023 with many benefits from international partners for its young holders to ensure their future success.

Hanan Khader, founder and CEO of Hello World Kids, commented on this achievement: “Coding is a mental process that involves analytical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It teaches patience, determination, commitment, and communication. And these kinds of skills are necessary to build up a successful life in the future”.

Regarding the HelloCode international certification program, she added: “Our mission is to provide quality coding education for kids. To ensure that this quality education can be effective for their future, we are currently building the HelloCode international certification program. This program will provide kids with accredited certification and plenty of perks and benefits from our international partners. Our accreditation by the IFGICT Federation is one of our first endeavors toward building this program and achieving our mission”.

HelloCode platform, recognized as the biggest Arab community to teach programming to kids, with over 350,000 projects submitted by kids younger than 12 years old and over 4.5 million lines of code recorded by children using SmoothY programming languages from many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Oman.