Our Contribution
in the Community

“Programming is everyone’s right” has always been our motto! To put this motto into action,Hello World Kids never misses a chance in being an active contributor in the world.

Coding Literacy

Learning programming has become much like learning how to write. It’s becoming the new language of the age. In order to embrace this revolution, Hello World Kids, with the support of Crown Prince Foundation (CPF), worked with the Ministry of Education to embed Hello World Kids curriculum as a compulsory /mandatory school subject in public schools for the elementary stage. The program covers fourth to sixth graders.
This adaption marks Jordan as the first country to start teaching programming for kids across the region, hoping to build a generation that better understands the technology they use and encourage them to become technology producers.

Kids Programming Mondial

Hello World Kids kicked off the Kids Programming Mondial in 2016 to break down all the boundaries that could limit any kid from learning the language of the age.In this competition, a sponsored training course is provided for each team that participates. At the end of the course, each team submits their project and a winner will be chosen. Kids Programming Mondial is a result of gathering the power of all organizations that believe in empowering and improving the national and international education system.

Teaching Deaf and Mute Kids

In 2015, Hello World Kids contributed in an inspiring initiative to enable deaf and mute kids by teaching them programming under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal.

During an open day at Al-Raja’a school, the agreement was signed by the CEO & Founder of Hello World Kids, Mrs. Hanan Khader, and the executive manager of the fund, Mrs. Farah Daghestani.

The National Kid Programming Contest

The annual National Little Programmer Contest is the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa region. Students from schools that adopted the Hello World Kids curriculum are allowed to participate, as well as outstanding kids from the Mondial.

The contest is characterized by its programmatic content. The goal is to solve all challenges as quickly as possible and error-free.