Why Coding for kids is important?

The future needs more coders. According to World Economic Forum, global demand for coders is increasing rapidly and that is why coding for kids is extremely important nowadays.

By learning how technology works, kids can create things that work instead of only knowing how to use them. In this way, kids develop five essential thinking skills:

  • Computational
  • Logical
  • Analytical
  • Critical
  • Creative Thinking

Furthermore, the kids learn how to use other skills:

  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Eye for detail
  • Out of the box thinking
  • English vocabulary

Whether your child aspires to be a doctor, engineer or even an artist, coding will help them in their future careers because we do not only code for the sake of coding.

Sign up your kids now for an amazing experience that will change their lives


This service is available only in Jordan for now

What makes us different

In our coding clubs, we do not just teach kids how to program but much more. Not only do we teach your kids coding in a simple straightforward way, kids also engage in open discussions and learn the proper etiquette and manners during the process.

Exciting, thrilling exercises and activities encourage the children and stimulate their creativity.

Kids essentially advance in the technological field in a safe and proper manner.

Our Courses

Hello World Kids program consists of two Juniors levels and six advanced levels. Each level consists of 21 training hours, seven days, three hours per day.

The curriculum introduces the science of programming and the software industry in an enthusiastic and interactive way.

Sign up your kids now for an amazing experience that will change their lives


This service is available only in Jordan for now

Hear it from Them!

Zeina Hammad
10 Years

We learn coding using Small Basic, how to get the pictures from the internet & use them. I wanted to become a doctor when I grow up but now I’ve changed my mind, I want to be a programmer. It inspired me to look after the small details.

Ibrahim Abu Sha’ban
9 Years

I wanted to learn programming because I love computer games, now I know how to design some. I think the future of coding will highly affects computer games.

Nisreen Qaqish

We started with Hello World Kids last year 2017 and my son got hooked to the coding ever since, the teachers are passionate and patient with the students. Thank you for introducing our son to this magical world.

Shatha Mesha’l

Hello Word Kids team is very kind and cooperative, and it’s obvious that the teachers are very friendly because our kids come home very happy and are always excited to go back. My son would come home and immediately starts solving the challenge given to him, which means he’s really enjoying what he’s learning and feels very accomplished when he finishes the challenge. I feel that programming opened his eyes to something new and to new potentials to learn the things he loves.

Tareq Madain

I would like to thank Hello World Kids because it provides the kids the chance to develop their talents and guides the kids in the right path to programming, for this is not widely available here, especially that parents don’t usually know how to guide the kids in the right way, so we thank you for giving this opportunity for us and for our kids.

Nanci Hassan

As an idea Hello World Kids is new, unique and hasn’t been done before . programming helps to improve the kid’s understanding and his creativity in new things rather than the conventional. Also, it’s good that it has a future in the long run. So thank you for all your hard work.

Aysha Abu Allan

I think that programming affected my daughter’s thinking skills and her personality. In addition to that it helped her develop her problem solving skills and analytical thinking which reflected on her life in general, also she acquired the English language. So I thank God for all that and I am positive she will continue with Hello World Kids for the levels ahead.

Ghada Qaadan

My daughter started with the national kid programming  contest , she participated and won second place. After that she fell in love with coding and continued with level 2, 3 ,4 and now she’s graduating level 5 . Coding affected her in a positive way , now instead of wasting her time on the laptop she spends her time on it doing useful and productive things. Like for example she created a website for her dad’s work in Russia, so yes it definitely had a positive influence on my daughter’s life.

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